We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but it’s rarely anyone’s favorite room in the house. As the place where we so often get ready for and unwind from the day, doesn’t the bathroom deserve some attention?

Whether it’s a renovation or new construction, a big master ensuite or a small guest powder room, you can create a bathroom that both you and your guests will love. We’ve compiled a few bathroom design elements or upgrades that can transform the room.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Bring a luxurious feeling to your daily routine with a glass shower enclosure. Glass showers can transform your bathroom, making it appear bigger by opening up the space and showing off your shower’s tile work. Plus, a glass shower does more than look great—letting in more natural light can help reduce mold and mildew.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our Complete Guide to a Beautiful Glass Shower to learn all about your glass shower options.

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New Mirrors

Mirrors can enhance any room, but in the bathroom mirrors need to have both form and function. Don’t underestimate the power of mirrors to transform your bathroom’s style—a mirror’s size, shape, and framing all help to create a distinct look. Use mirrors to reflect light and make your bathroom seem bigger and brighter without any major renovations or lighting fixture upgrades.

New luxury bathroom in grey tones
New luxury bathroom in grey tones offers glass shower and single vanity cabinet.

To add real interest and style to your bathroom with mirrors, consider a custom cut mirror. The right mirror is the finishing touch for any room, but especially the bathroom.

Updated Windows  

Bathroom windows can be tricky. It’s a room where you want ultimate privacy, yet natural light is important, too. When you’re planning a bathroom redesign, consider updating your windows to meet your needs. Here are a few bathroom window ideas:

Textured Glass: Choose glass with a heavy texture or opacity to obscure the view while still letting in ample natural light. Glass blocks are a similar option.

Transom Windows: Transoms are typically accent windows that go above or below a door or larger window. But in a space where privacy is key, a transom window works well as a standalone.

Hopper Windows: A hopper window is typically set high on the wall, but it opens downward to provide ventilation.

Bathroom with Stone Accent

Artwork and Decor

Even if you’re not planning a complete bathroom makeover, new artwork and decor can still transform your space. Choose artwork and decoration pieces that tie together the other elements of your bathroom.

If you do planning on hanging art in your bathroom, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Showers and baths produce a lot of humidity. Moisture can get trapped under the glass of a frame, causing staining and matting—so don’t hang any pieces you truly care about in the bathroom. Stick to works on canvas, or ones without glass or glazing.

Personalize Your Powder Room

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your home, so get inspired to create a space where you’ll love spending time. Even a small bathroom can feel as refreshing as a spa with the right design upgrades.

Bathroom with tan and wood accents

From glass showers to mirrors to windows, glass is a key component of any bathroom design. Acme Glass keeps your style and the functionality of the bathroom in mind when we’re helping you design a glass shower or determine the best size mirror for a room.

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