It’s that time of year—spring is finally here, and so is spring cleaning season. If all the de-cluttering has you in the mood to spruce up your space, glass is the perfect material to consider. Adding a custom glass element is the perfect way to brighten and refresh any room. Using your existing furniture, you can create a unique pieces that add to the visual space and beauty of your home.

Here are 4 creative custom glass projects that can help you upgrade your furniture and your home this season.

1. Add glass to an old cabinet or armoire

There’s something classic and comforting about old wooden furniture, but it can also be a challenge to fit into modern home decorating styles. Some wood finishes or stains look beautiful, but dark wood can actually make your home feel smaller and more cramped. Plus, older pieces may have dings or scratches that detract from the beauty.

Replacing the doors on cabinets, armoires, and other large furniture with glass is a great way to refresh a piece. Not only does the glass remove any imperfections that may have been on the doors, but the glass lets you see and enjoy the contents within.

2. Update your shelving with glass shelves

Glass shelves create the effect of opening up an entire room by reducing the horizontal lines in the space. Glass shelves provide the opportunity for a couple of creative design options.

For a contemporary and minimalist look, create a “floating” shelf effect by mounting glass shelves directly on wall brackets.

Glass Shelving

Another idea is to upgrade an existing bookshelf. Keep the framework of the old bookshelf, but replace the wooden shelves with glass. You’ll  refresh a piece you love while also opening up your space and adding visual interest to the way you display your favorite books and knickknacks.

3. Add a custom mirror to brighten any room

Custom Mirrors are a fantastic way to increase the light in any room without actually upgrading your lighting.

Dining Set

Instead of settling for a small, poorly framed mirror from the local home goods discount store, measure the wall adjacent to the prominent light source in a room, and order a custom mirror with a clean edge to brighten the room and lighten the decor.

4. Add glass elements to an end table or coffee table

A glass-topped coffee table or end table adds airiness to a room. Custom glass can be cut to whatever tabletop shape you need—circle, oval, square, rectangle, or more daring shapes— to complement your room’s layout and design.

Glass Coffee Table Top

When you’re in the mood to refresh your home’s appearance, don’t underestimate the power of glass to transform your furniture and your rooms. With a few creative upgrades, glass can make your home as fresh as the spring air.

Looking for the perfect place to start? Acme Glass offers custom glass and mirrors cut to any size or configuration to perfectly complete your project.

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