Wood Clad Window Installations in Burlington, VT

If you’re looking for a window replacement solution that combines the benefits of fitting the style of an older home with solid insulation, Wood Clad windows are a great choice. Wood Clad windows have the surfacing of traditional wood as you would expect but are also equipped with a weather resistant exterior frame that is great for withstanding the trying New England weather.

Here at Acme Glass we frequently install Wood Clad windows for customers. Here are a few reasons why we recommend Wood Clad Windows for customers:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: If you’re looking to match the appearance of an older home with wood or like-wood stylings, it’s hard to beat the real thing. Wood Clad Windows offer stylish benefits and as they’re wood can be easily painted as well.
  • Natural Insulation: Real wooden frames offer a natural insulation that blocks unwanted heat transfer and keeps your home comfortable. Paired with the clad exterior and you’re sure to improve your insulation.
  • Sustainable: As you already know, Wood is a renewable resource that breaks down naturally into compounds that benefit the soil. Therefore it Wood Clad Windows are an eco-friendly solution for window insulation.
  • Durable: With proper maintenance and care, Wood Clad windows can last a lifetime.

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