Window Well Installations in Burlington, VT

One important aspect to a finished basement in your home is your windows. This is where window wells come in. With window wells you can allow for more sunlight into your basement, prevent water damage and improve the safety of your home. Here at Acme Glass, we frequently service and install all window wells for our customers here’s a few reasons why:

  • Added Sunlight for Your Basement – Window wells are larger than most traditional basement windows and can add more light to your basement to help with aesthetics.
  • Prevent Water Damage – Window wells are a great asset to your home as they can extend the base of your home’s foundation and allow for improvement of drainage.
  • Safety – Above all else, it’s important you feel safe in your basement. Window wells allow for improvements to your home’s safety as they are another point of egress for homeowners to exit their basement

To find out more about Window Wells or to request an installation, Acme Glass is here to help! Give us a call today at 802-658-1400 or submit service request here to get a free project estimate!

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