Spring is one of the most popular times of year to buy and install new windows and doors, and it’s not hard to see why. Once the harsh Vermont winter has finally passed, problems with old, drafty windows are fresh in people’s’ minds.

This year, get ahead of the springtime rush and install new windows in winter!

Winter may not seem like the optimal time to take on this kind of home renovation project. After all, won’t leaving areas of your house open during installation cause your heating bill to increase? Will the sealants settle properly in such frigid temperatures?

In reality, winter is one of the best times to install new windows and doors in Vermont. If you’re already concerned about how your old windows will perform this season, here are three reasons winter is the perfect time to replace them.

Winter typically offers the best prices on windows and doors

We’ve already mentioned that spring is one of the most popular times for people to buy new windows and doors. The other popular time is late fall, when the weather gets cold for the first time. Suddenly, people get a glimpse of the harsh winter ahead and rush to upgrade their windows and doors.

Since there is less demand in winter, you can often find some of the lowest prices on windows and doors. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, window companies have the advantage of high demand, making them less likely to offer deals and discounts. Winter, however, is usually one of the slowest times, allowing glass companies to reduce their prices.

At Acme Glass, our Winter Savings Program gives qualifying customers the opportunity to save money on windows, doors, and installation. For projects that qualify, customers can take advantage of our lowest prices of the year on replacement windows, Larson storm windows, and storm doors.

As a bonus, it’s not just windows and doors that have reduced prices this time of year. Glass showers or even commercial projects such as office fit-ups and storefronts offer cost-saving opportunities. Find out if your project qualifies for Acme’s Winter Savings Program.

Your installation dates are usually more flexible

During the busy months,  you may have very little choice about when your new windows can be installed. Your windows will be installed as the product is manufactured, or as installation dates become available.

A big benefit of buying windows in the wintertime is that there are usually fewer delays when it comes to manufacturing, shipping, and installing your windows.

True, inclement weather could delay your project. But with an overall lighter workload, the installation company should be able to get back on track quickly.

Installers adapt their process for lower temperatures

The biggest factor in weather your windows will perform as intended is proper installation.

Well, good news! A properly executed window installation is effective regardless of when the windows were installed.

There are a few key considerations window installers take into account during the winter months that help ensure your project goes just as smoothly as it would in warmer months. These considerations include:

  • Working on one window at a time to prevent heat loss from inside the house
  • Waiting for warmer temperatures to apply certain finishes that can become brittle in the cold
  • Using caulking and insulating foams that are rated for use at lower temperatures

At Acme Glass, we take special care to do what’s right for both you and our team. Generally, exterior installations won’t take place if the temperature is below a certain point, or if there’s too much precipitation.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to wait until the warm months to complete the renovation project you’ve been dreaming of! Winter is an ideal time to complete any type of glass project.

Have a specific project in mind? Find out how much you can save with Acme Glass’s Winter Savings Program.