Maintaining a commercial building can sometimes feel like playing a game of Whack-a-Mole. Just when you’ve solved one problem, another pops up. Because of the ever-growing to-do list, your facility’s windows are typically one of the last things on your priority list—until they start costing you money.

Unless your facility was recently constructed, chances are the windows are contributing toward increasing costs. From energy efficiency to occupant comfort, windows play a significant role in the day-to-day operations of your building.

So, why should you prioritize windows on your long list of to-dos for your building? Here are just a few of the ways window replacement leads to less overhead and more business value.

Benefits of Commercial Window Replacement

Reduce heating and cooling costs

As any building owner knows, heating and cooling are some of the largest energy expenses for commercial buildings. What you may not know is that inefficient window systems can contribute to a building’s heating and cooling costs.

In winter, drafty windows, non-insulated windows,  or windows with broken seals can lower the overall building temperature, causing the heat to crank up to compensate. The opposite can happen in the summer. Windows with poor emissivity ratings can let too much ultraviolet and infrared light into the building, raising temperatures and causing cooling loads to increase. In both cases, your facility is using more energy than it should—and it’s reflected in the bill.

Commercial window replacement can help lower energy costs by improving the efficiency of your building. If you suspect that inefficient or failing windows may be contributing to higher energy costs, it may be time to start planning for replacement.

Lower maintenance and repair costs

Regular maintenance and repair is important for increasing the lifespan of your commercial windows. However, windows that are too old or inefficient will quickly require more maintenance than they’re worth—and that can add up. Wood window frames, in particular, are high-maintenance and require regular scraping and painting. Most older window frames, however, require regular maintenance to seal gaps and repair cracks.

If you find yourself calling for commercial window repair or maintenance every year, it may be time to consider replacement. Glass can be replaced, leaks can be fixed, and functionality can be improved on older windows, but only for so long.

Reduce vacancy rates and increase occupant comfort

Keeping building occupants comfortable may not have immediate monetary value, but the ROI shows itself when tenants stay longer and overall building value increases.

Many companies today prefer more energy-efficient, “greener” spaces. Updated windows and efficiency can be a powerful way to add value to a property, since buildings with green attributes like energy-efficient windows have better lease rates and retention rates.

Replacing the windows on your commercial property can help to lower your facility’s operating costs while increasing the value of your building. Wondering whether your facility would benefits from a window upgrade? The experts at Acme Glass can assess your current window systems and recommend your next steps. Contact Acme Glass today to get started.