It’s your housecleaning day. You’ve watered the plants, dusted your shelves and finally you just finished polishing your windows when suddenly something catches your eye… is that a scratch? You get a closer second glance and then realize… it’s not just a scratch, it’s a full-on crack in your window.

This is a reality that all homeowners encounter from time to time as a result of something as small as a pebble being kicked up by your lawnmower to much more drastic consequences like a baseball after a game of catch has gone awry or a tree-branch in a storm. We are after-all in Vermont.

If you’ve found yourself in this scenario and have tried all the polishes and buffing but are not making much progress, you’re probably now realizing the unfortunate reality that is most visible scratches and cracks are unfortunately beyond repair. No matter what you try, you’ll likely not be able to restore your window pane to it’s original condition.

The good news however is that Acme Glass in Burlington, Vermont is here to help you. We’ve been helping distressed homeowners and business owners just like you across the state since 1945 and provide a full range of window and glass replacement services tailored to this exact situation.

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