Whether you’re building a new home, undertaking an addition, or remodeling, a glass shower door is a modern touch that will add style and elegance to any bathroom.  Not only will it make your bathroom look beautiful, but a glass shower door also improves safety by helping to prevent drips and slips.

With so many considerations from space to style, choosing the right shower enclosure may feel overwhelming. Make sure you buy the right glass shower door for your home with these tips.

First things first…start with professional help

Let’s face it—your shower affects your life every day. Getting a glass shower enclosure you love starts with a professional consultation. A professional glass company that has extensive experience selling and installing shower doors should be your first step. They’ll be able to make the right recommendations that fit your bathroom and your budget.

Each of the items below can become questions and discussion points during your consultation. You’ll use your new glass shower door every—make sure you love the way it looks and functions by starting with a professional.

Set your budget

Talking with a professional shower enclosure installer will give you an idea of how much you can expect to spend to complete your vision. Beyond simply finding out the cost of the materials themselves, be sure to discuss how much the new shower door will cost to install in your bathroom. To get this quote, you’ll need to have a technician or estimator assess and measure your bathroom. Every home is different, and there are many factors that will affect the final cost.

Choose your shower door style and design

As long as you have a realistic idea of budget, this can be the fun part—choosing your style. Shower door design incorporates everything from shape to glass type. Based on the elements of your bathroom, you’ll have many options available to you. Here are a few of the biggest factors that will influence your shower door design:

  • Design of your shower: The size and design—including materials, colors, etc.—of your shower will influence your enclosure’s options as far as shapes and framing.
  • Layout of your bathroom: Bathroom layout dictates the shower door’s functionality and available space. For instance, your bathroom may work better with a sliding door versus a door that swings out.
  • Size of the opening: Certain opening sizes look and function better with certain door types.

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Know the different types of shower enclosures

Here is a quick, visual guide to some of the terminology you might hear when shopping for a new glass shower door.

Framed Shower Door

Framed Shower

 A framed shower enclosure has an aluminum or composite frame around the entire structure, which is usually matched to the fixtures and décor of the bathroom. They include a track that traps water, which helps to maintain a clean and slip-free bathroom.

Semi-Frameless Shower Door

semi frameless

 A semi-framed shower enclosure has metal around the entire structure, but not around the doors. The bottom of the door may be framed to control drip.

Frameless Shower Door

frameless door

As the name suggests, frameless showers don’t have a frame. The door is typically attached by hinges, and clips are used on the fixed panels. Frameless doors often require the use of thicker glass and sturdier hardware in order to stay in place without the sturdiness of a frame—seriously, these things are heavy. They offer a clean, streamlined, and modern look.


Neo Angle

Tucks into the corner of a bathroom and features three sides with a single sliding or pivoting door. These are commonly used with corner standalone showers.

Pivot or Swinging Doors

Swinging door

For swinging doors, hinges allow the glass shower door to open like a normal door. Pivot hinges let the door swing 180 degrees into the shower, or out into the bathroom.

Sliding Doors

These types of doors take up the least amount of space. They consist of 2 panels that slide past each other on tracks; ideal for wide openings.

Types of Glass

The final look of your new shower door will be decided by the type of glass you choose. While many people today choose clear glass because of its sleek, contemporary look, there are other options available to you. Frosted, textured, or even patterned glass can add an element of interest to your bathroom while also increasing privacy.

If you choose clear glass, remember that even clear glass can have a bit of a color tint to it. Normally the color appears slightly blue or green due to the tempering process—the thicker the glass, the more prominent the tint. However, if you want truly clear glass for your shower door, it can be achieved. But the price for ultra-clear glass is typically 30% more for a shower enclosure.

Consider a Shower Coating

Adding a protective coating to the glass in your shower guarantees the beauty of the glass over time. Different coatings include warranties against discoloration, soap build-up and scratching. While it is a little costlier at the time of installation, a shower coating makes the glass easier to clean, so you save time on everyday care and maintenance.

Planning a bathroom project and looking for the perfect glass shower door? Contact the professionals at Acme Glass. Our years of experience selling and installing best-in-class glass shower enclosures means we can guide you through the process of selecting the right shower enclosure for your bathroom.