Walk-in Shower Installations in Vermont

One item that’s high on many a homeowner’s remodeling wishlist is converting an old bathtub into a pristine walk-in shower. Walk-in Showers are a choice renovation for homeowners because they create an illusion of more space, give the bathroom a clean-lined look and provide function for everyone, whether you’re looking for a just a quick rinse or a long soak.

Here’s just a few reasons why we would recommend a Walk-In Shower for your home:

  • Cleaning & Maintenance: Tile and glass used in walk-in showers are easier to clean than the porcelain thatt’s typically used in shower interiors and without shower curtains you won’t have to deal with dirty or moldy shower curtains.
  • Flexible in Space & Size: There’s no set size for walk-in shower so you can use any space and size you like.
  • Accessibility: Walk-in Showers are much more accessible than your typical shower or tub combination unit. If someone in your household has mobility challenges a walk-in shower can help make things a little easier
  • Style & Aesthetics: Walk-in Showers are also much more aesthetic than your typical shower bathtub combination by creating the illusion of space and maintaining a harmonious design using the same tile across the entire bathroom
  • Value: In some cases, Walk-In Showers may also increase the value of your home as they are more desirable for many homeowners and more aesthetically pleasing

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