ADA Compliant & Handicapped Accessible Shower Units

To help handicapped individuals ADA Showers are designed so that wheelchairs can roll up to the shower unit similar to a walk-in shower unit making for an easy transfer from wheelchair to a wall-mounted shower seat. ADA Shower Units, otherwise known as roll in shower units, have specific requirements to meet in order to be ADA Compliant and fully accessible for handicapped individuals.  At Acme Glass, we’re proud to help design and install these shower units for families and individuals. 

If you’re considering a steam shower, here’s a few great benefits to consider:

  • Improves Accessibility: ADA compliant showers are required to have specific dimensions and widths so that they can allow for a wheelchair to roll in and create an easy transfer from wheelchair to shower seat.
  • Improves Safety: Other safety features are often included in ADA showers to also improve individuals safety including steel grab bars, non-slip flooring, and hand-held shower =
  • Value: Improving the aesthetic and adding functionality to your bathroom and home in general can increase the value of your home by making your home more desirable for prospective homebuyers

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