Composite Window Installations in Vermont

Composite windows are built with a blend of different materials typically including wood, resign and/or fiberglass. Because you’re getting a blend of materials you’re getting multiple beneficial features for your windows typically including improved strength and durability as well as a longer lifecycle.

Here at Acme Glass we frequently service and install Composite Windows for homes and businesses in Vermont. Here’s a few reasons why we use Composite Windows and why you might want them:

  • Style & Aesthetics – Composite Windows, like Vinyl, come in a variety of different colors so you can be sure you’ll find Composite frames that fit your home’s aesthetic
  • Durability – Composite Windows offer significant durability through all seasons of the year – they won’t warp, rot or expand as compared to Wooden Window frames
  • Low-Maintenance – Similar to Vinyl Windows, composite windows are very easy to maintain and need no painting, staining, or scraping and do not rot.
  • Energy Efficiency – Because Composite Windows can make use of double or triple-pane glass, they offer more insulation that your typical single pane glass windows.

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